Stressed by Having No Time for your Kids?

Start with the R.E.S.T. System of Stress Relief. This system relieves stress while creating an environment for you to be happy.

Re-establish your priorities

This is the first step of the R.E.S.T. System of Stress Relief. We teach establishing priorities based on compelled actions. Compelled actions connect to our feelings while important actions connect with our minds. So, this means that some actions cause us to have an intense emotional response. We feel joy, relief, excitement when the task is complete. The other side of that is that we feel sadness, frustration, or emotional pain when we cannot complete the task.

My husband and I went through a life changing experience over 10 years ago. We went from being called a “power couple” to “deflated.” We made tough decisions about how we wanted to live our lives. As a result, we decided to focus our attention and energy on our family. This caused us to re-evaluate our career goals and to voice what we were compelled to do. We started spending more time together as a family. All of our decisions were made through the filter. We asked, “how will this affect our family?”

Create a kid-friendly mission statement

Quite frankly, we realized that we were compelled to raise our children to be intelligent, self-sufficient, compassionate, productive adults. This became our parental mission statement. I went a step further and created a personal mission statement to “be the best mommy I could be.” This mission statement influenced my actions, decisions and plans.

A mission statement connects to emotions and emotions drive actions.

Commit to an outcome

Having clearly defined priorities help to establish a mission statement. The mission statement acts as a guide for your actions. At the end of the day, what will your children or you say about the times you spent together? Consistently watching 2 hour movies at home can build stronger family memories than the occasional trip to a large amusement park or entertainment center.

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