Sharing Stress Relief Tips with Women Entrepreneurs

I will share stress relief tips with business women around the world on Thursday October 26, 2017. My pre-recorded Back to Business Master Class Session becomes available via the 7th Annual Back to Business Virtual Conference replay page.

The 7th Annual Back to Business Virtual Conference provides access to eight Master Class Sessions as part of the registration.

This year’s Master Class Sessions are as follows:

  • Richelle Shaw presents: How to Add $100K to $1M to Your Business Instantly Without Adding Employees, Overhead or a Big Marketing Budget.
  • Jai Stone presents: Catapult Your Brand Through Speaking the Secret to Getting Booked and Becoming a Paid Professional Speaker with a Bad-Ass Brand.
  • Lynette Crosby presents: Close Your Core and Open Yourself up to Greatness – How to overcome the internal and external whispers of doubt.
  • Marcyline Bailey presents: Break Away from the Vortex of Crazy – tap into simple relaxation methods and stress relief techniques for hardworking professionals who want to be happy.
  • Fay Lawrence presents: Professional and Polished – The steps every entrepreneur and career professional needs to take to create a LinkedIn profile that turns heads and attracts attention.
  • Ronisha Sheed presents: Becoming a Boss – How to carve out time to be a part-time entrepreneur while working in your 9 to 5 “bridge job.”
  • Tieshena Davis presents: How to Think Like a Bookpreneur – Book publishing, marketing and sales steps every new author needs to know.
  • LaShanda Henry presents: Working with WordPress – A getting started training for beginners on setting up your WordPress website, adding posts, pages, social media content and more.

So, join us for the live virtual event and gain access to the Master Class Sessions.

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(Marcyline Bailey belongs to the SistaSense Affiliate Marketing Program)

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