HappyHalfHour.Club Stress Resources Guide


The outcome key for the Stress Symptom Checklist is below. Stress level correlates to the number of stress symptoms checked. As you can see, the more checked items, the higher the likelihood that stress is greater.

Number of Items Checked/Stress Level
0 – 7 Low
8 – 14 Moderate
15 – 21 High
22+ Very High

Chronic stress can seem like having poop on your shoe. No matter what you do, you cannot get rid of all the poop or the smell. You may feel as if you are destined to suffer.

Relaxation seems impossible. Your mind constantly races and you feel overwhelmed.

The reality is that you have options. I am going to share those options with you. A list of HappyHalfHour.Club Resources and Services follows. Click on a link to see more information.

Free or low Cost Downloads

Stress Symptoms Checklist

Stress is Personal: Your Personal Guide to Stress Relief Download

Stress is Personal: Your Personal Starter Guide to Stress Relief in Print

Happy People Sleep Well 7 Day Challenge

Get Through the Day Without Losing It

aSleepin30 Adult Bedtime Stories

Anna and the Camping Trip Series

Callie and the Night Shift

Recorded Meditations

Meditate on Jesus

Remember Who God is