Happy Half Hour

Rev Up Your Afternoons with Stay Calm Snacks

In a previous blog post I shared an article written by featured guest Angela Berry. The article is entitled Easy, Tasty Energizing “Pick-Me-Up” Afternoon Snacks. Afternoon at work poses a dilemma to workers. We are bored, tired, and stressed. Many of us try to eat our way out of these feelings by snacking. The snacks […]

Repairing a Broken Spirit in a Vortex of Crazy

“I was so broken that I believed pieces of my being could scatter in the wind like dust.” That was a quote from the blog post Are You too Broken to be Happy. I was referring to a painful period of my life when it seemed as if everything was falling apart. My husband and […]

Are You Too Broken to be Happy?

At one time, I felt so broken that I believed pieces of my very being could scatter in the wind like dust. I felt crushed. I know that I am not alone, there is a lot of brokenness and broken people. Broken hearts, broken promises, broken spirits, broken peace, broken commitments, and broken dreams compound […]

On this Memorial Day Remember Reflect and Recommit

On this Memorial Day, remember the men and women who died in service to their country. Reflect on how you personally support the ideals and principles that make this country the envy of the world. Recommit or make a commitment to become involved in the civic tasks that are so vital to our future. Above […]

Talking Sleep with Working Moms

I am talking to my peers, working moms, this week. Falling asleep can be a chore especially when you have a multitude of thoughts running non-stop through your head. I can lie down, tired and ready to go to sleep and then it happens. Like soldiers, thoughts of work, things I need to remember, and […]

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