Happy Half Hour

How I Use REST for Stress Relief

I have tried to complete a video explaining the R.E.S.T. System of Stress Relief and I have failed. Due to no fault of my own, the video equipment malfunctioned. In order to explain how I used the system, I recorded a brief audio. How I Use Rest Happy Half Hour Club is a community for […]

REST and Take Your Time When Nothing Works

Okay, I planned to do a video post today. I started taping myself explaining my R.E.S.T. System of Stress Relief. I messed up during the first taping. So, I tried it again. The second taping did not record my voice. Consequently, I decided to R.E.S.T. and Take my Time. As a result, I have no […]

Three Reasons Your Happiness Should be Important

One: “Happy people likely take better care of themselves and choose healthy behaviors – like exercising, eating well and getting adequate sleep – over unhealthy ones.” This quote was taken from the Time.com article It’s Official: Happiness Really Can Improve Health. Furthermore, the article says that the authors of the study indicated that their findings […]

Should Hardworking Professionals Take a Break?

The answer is yes! Some describe hardworking as dedicated, diligent, or persevering. Others might describe hardworking as businesslike, enterprising, or active. Still others would describe hardworking as painstaking, disciplined or industrious. Additionally words like thorough, skillful, practiced, serious, and methodical relate to hardworking. Regardless of the words used, hardworking professionals go to work daily. They […]

Six Concerns that Cause Stress for Hardworking Professionals

When Careercast.com published its 2017 most stressful jobs list, I laughed because event planner was the fifth most stressful job on their list. It placed just below enlisted military personnel, firefighter, airline pilot and police officer. While event planning is probably very stressful, so are countless other jobs. The remainder of the top ten included […]

Are you a professional who struggles with stress?

I am Marcyline Bailey, a licensed clinical social worker and founder of Happyhalfhour.club, the community for hardworking professionals who want to be happy. I consider myself to be a hardworking professional who works full-time as a school social worker and owns a part-time private practice in which I see 3-4 patients a week. My blog […]

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