Mia Wilson, Ed.D Shares her Personal Stress Relieving Techniques

Dr. Wilson is a licensed counselor in the State of Florida. She is an Addiction Specialist, a 501 Certified HIV Counselor, a Reiki Practioner Level 1 and a National Certified Counselor. Dr. Wilson is a Master Addiction Counselor and a Certified Traumatologist. She has practiced for 17 years in various settings, working with for-profit and […]

30 Minute Stress Relief Regimen

I rode 5.6 miles in 30 minutes Saturday morning. Early morning bike rides have rekindled my love of riding. My purpose is not to break speed records or to ride an extreme number of miles. My purpose is to experience peaceful, consistent exercise and to set the emotional tone for the rest of my day. […]

Perception and the Stress Response

> If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this particular picture is worth a million. How many times have you felt this way in the past month, week or day? Perhaps you came close to being in a similar encounter. The frustration, anger, and lack of control that is demonstrated in this picture […]

Organizations: Lower Stress – Increase Profit 

Managing stress is an important component for a satisfying work experience.  Companies have a responsibility to address stress in the workplace as well.  A 2009 Whitepaper commissioned by the Regus Group (www.regus.com) studied workplace stress trends.  Global workplace stress increased appreciably between 2007 and 2009.  Organizations worldwide lost billions of dollars in lost productivity due […]

Relieve Muscle Tension

Our fifteen year old daughter has her learner’s permit and is learning to drive.  As she drove home from the soccer field, with her dad, a car made a U-turn in front of her.  The care did not see her and her view was blocked by a large truck.  She hit the brakes, blew the […]


Muscles are made for movement.  Sitting in the same position for extended periods of time, causes our muscles to tighten.  Imagine yourself, at work, sitting at a desk for an extended period of time.  You do not recognize the gradual changes that occur until you decide to stand.  When you stand, you might feel pain […]

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