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My friend convinced me to start a private practice

Many years ago, my friend Janel, a licensed clinical social worker, started a private practice and encouraged me to do the same. I had no idea where to start. Janel guided me step by step through the process and allowed me to use her office space until I could afford space of my own. We both started as part-time entrepreneurs because we each worked full-time in established organizations. I continue to work full-time as I build my part-time business.

Janel introduced me to a LaShanda Henry,, event about three or four years ago. I am forever grateful. LaShanda is my mentor and I am a member of her SistaSense Power Circle. She has guided me to a place of confidence and competence as a business owner. I have gleaned from her wisdom and experience.

On Thursday October 26, 2017, LaShanda will be hosting her 7th Annual Back to Business Virtual Conference. This conference features successful entrepreneurial women who are earning six and seven figure incomes.

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Now I am a presenter

These ladies understand where you are and can provide the steps to get you where you want to be. The 10-hour conference features LaShanda Henry, Lisa Marie Goodson, Cameka Smith, Kim Coles, Becky Davis, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, Abiola Abrams, Catherine Soliz-Rey, Sharvette Mitchell, and Tretta Bush presenting live sessions.

Attendees also have access to pre-recorded Master Class Sessions featuring Richelle Shaw, Jai Stone, Lynette Crosby, Fay Lawrence, Ronisha Sheed, Tieshena Davis and yours truly, Marcyline Bailey. This is a power packed event for women who are serious about starting and maintaining successful businesses. I am sharing this information with you because sometimes we need a little push to get us started. That is exactly what my friend Janel did for me.

Ms. Henry states, “There are no bags to pack or flights to book; you can conveniently join in online or listen in over the phone. I intentionally host Back to Business as a virtual event, so it is affordable and accessible to all women here in the states and across the globe in need of business training; especially in the areas of technology, online marketing and sales. Ladies can attend from the comfort of their homes, tune in live or listen to the replays at their leisure!”

Register for the 7th Annual Back to Business Virtual Conference

(Marcyline Bailey belongs to the SistaSense affiliate marketing program)

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