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This is personal for me

My husband and I joke that in our 20 years of marriage, we have experienced almost all the marriage vows; for “better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health.” We have also come close to “till death do us part.” Currently, we are raising daughters in an increasingly volatile and disengaged world. We are supporting elderly parents who, once strong, are becoming more dependent. We are monitoring the news attempting to interpret fact from fiction and to understand how it affects us personally.

Life continues and we must go on regardless of how much stress we carry. We are expected to produce high quality work and be readily available to our families. We condition ourselves to push through ignoring or minimizing the signs of overwhelming stress until another crisis occurs. That is what I did.

When we were going through our crises, I woke up worrying around one o’clock every morning, unable to go back to sleep. I ate cookies, candy, or cake throughout the day to soothe my emotions. I occasionally lashed out at my supervisors, co-workers, and family for seemingly no reason. My joints and muscles ached. My chest and head hurt. I was miserable.

You just read an excerpt from the About Us page on, the community I created “for hardworking professionals who want to be happy.”

I started because of my personal experiences. I needed and wanted practical ways to get through the day without losing my mind. Read the blog for helpful techniques to manage your stress. Download Stress is Personal: your personal starter guide to stress relief to get a jumpstart. Try a 7 day challenge to learn about stress and ways that you can limit its negative effects.

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