Get Through the Holidays Without Losing It

The holiday season is a stressful time of year. We function best when we feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced. The more stress we have, the more imbalanced we feel. We feel better and enjoy our lives with low stress. Stuff happens that cause stress during the holidays. They fall into several categories; family, […]

Try a REST in 30 Bedtime Story

Yesterday I gave readers a chance to sample a full R.E.S.T. in 30 Adult Bedtime Story. It is entitled “Anna sits on the Dock.” In the past, access to this story was given to those who signed up for the free Happy People Sleep Well 7 Day Challenge. Today I am giving you access to […]

Trouble Falling Asleep – Try a Bedtime Story

Hey, check out my Adult Bedtime Story Page! I started doing guided relaxation sessions at a local yoga studio last year. The 30-minute session include a combination of breathing, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness. My primary clientele were women. Most were mothers and grandmothers raising their grandchildren. Many worked and had family responsibilities. A few were […]

Find Stress Relief in One Place

This is personal for me My husband and I joke that in our 20 years of marriage, we have experienced almost all the marriage vows; for “better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health.” We have also come close to “till death do us part.” Currently, we are raising daughters in an increasingly volatile […]

Stressed by Having No Time for your Kids?

Start with the R.E.S.T. System of Stress Relief. This system relieves stress while creating an environment for you to be happy. Re-establish your priorities This is the first step of the R.E.S.T. System of Stress Relief. We teach establishing priorities based on compelled actions. Compelled actions connect to our feelings while important actions connect with […]

What Aspect of Your Job is Most Stressful?

Social workers answer that question with “workload.” What makes having a high workload so stressful? The amount and complexity of the work makes it stressful. Let’s Talk about Casework Caseworkers drown because each case requires multiple actions. The actions may call for the professional to travel to several locations to gather or share information. The […]

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