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Is Your New Year Meeting Your Expectations

Ten years ago Our daughters begged us to let them stay up to watch the ball drop in Times Square to celebrate the New Year. They are now both college students who remember and tell the story of that night with emotion. We told them that they could stay up and watch the ball drop […]

Do You Have Time for Downtime the Answer is Yes

Expectations Dashed I failed to meet my self – imposed work goals this weekend. I am just now writing my blog post that will be posted tonight. I have not written my monthly newsletter for subscribers. Even my super good, good e-book remains in the can. I have two out of town trips planned for […]

Are You and Your Workplace Speaking the Same Love Language

We all want to feel good when we go home after a full day of work. Unfortunately, many hard working professionals go home stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. They experience and talk about the disconnection between management and staff. They may also feel as if the clientele receives poor services or products. “Hardworking professionals who want […]

Policies and Procedures an Original Workplace Meetup

Are your Standard Operating Procedures aligned with your organization’s policies? I asked this question in my Instagram post during a Morning Moment. This question relates to safety, security and satisfaction. Employees feel safe when they perceive that their actions have been fully sanctioned by the organization. Policies outline the rules by which the organization functions. […]

Launching Smart and Simple Questions is partnering with our sister website For REAL Social Workers Online Magazine to launch a new web series. The web series will share simple questions that may help you boost your career opportunities and possibly your income.Lower your stress by knowing the smartest question to ask.   View this post on Instagram   Smart […]

Daily Brain Dump Frees Your Mind

Every day at about the same time you get an urge to sit on the toilet and take a big dump. Dumping a load of crap feels good. Why do many of us hesitate to dump all of the crap we carry in our brain? At the beginning of the year, many people create resolutions. […]