What Aspect of Your Job is Most Stressful?

Social workers answer that question with “workload.” What makes having a high workload so stressful? The amount and complexity of the work makes it stressful.

Let’s Talk about Casework

Caseworkers drown because each case requires multiple actions. The actions may call for the professional to travel to several locations to gather or share information. The professional may also have to talk to numerous people by phone or in person. Therefore, one case could take days or months to complete and close.

Case folders contain explicit details of people’s lives. The professionals who handle these situations must also manage the emotions they feel as they complete their tasks. For social workers these feelings sometimes evolve into secondary trauma.

Consider Other Professions

I imagine that other professionals such as police detectives, investigators, or insurance adjusters all deal with unmanageable workloads and secondary trauma. Medical professionals such as nurses have a tremendous workload as well. Additionally, the pace of their work varies depending on the department or wing.

A National Study Says

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Publication Stress at Work found that a heavy workload, few rest breaks, long work hours or shift-work increase stress. Stress levels of hardworking professionals also increase when the pace of work is hectic. Other aspects of work that increase stress are having to complete routine tasks that make little sense and having little to no control in the workplace.

So, think about it.

What is the most stressful aspect of your job? Share with other hardworking professionals and let’s have a conversation.

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