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I started doing guided relaxation sessions at a local yoga studio last year. The 30-minute session include a combination of breathing, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness. My primary clientele were women. Most were mothers and grandmothers raising their grandchildren. Many worked and had family responsibilities. A few were dealing with their own serious illness or that of a family member. The group was demographically diverse. They shared one common characteristic. They were overwhelmed by stress and wanted solace.

My goal was to help them reach a sustainable state of relaxation. The feedback indicated that they became thoroughly relaxed. A few, however, fell asleep. They said that my voice, the environment made them drowsy. One of the ladies repeatedly said, “I wish I could take you home with me, so you can help me to go to sleep.”

After doing some research, I recorded my first audio series of Adult Bedtime Stories. The audio series entitled Anna and the Camping Trip contains four stories about a woman who goes on a camping trip with her husband. You might think that camping for Anna is all activities, but she lets her husband fish while she relaxes and sleeps.

The stories include guided breathing for relaxation, light stretching and mindfulness exercises. Feelings of peace, calm and relaxation are encouraged by intentionally noticing and observing the present moment without critique or subjective emotions.

I want you to try one!

Anna Sits on the Dock – a R.E.S.T. in 30 Bedtime Story

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